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Artist European Photography has been in business since 1985 with photographer Gerda Cella. Gerda discovered her passion and talent in fine art across the captivating scenes in Switzerland and Austria, and soon expanded her skills to photography pursuing an education and receiving a Master’s degree not much later. In 1990, she traveled to America and began to share her keen eye for art through fine photography.

Gerda, fellow professional photographer with a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Art from The School of Visual Arts in NYC, Barbara, and daughter Rose (associate degree in graphic design and photography), share a dedication and passion for exquisite photography. By combining knowledge and techniques of fine art, graphic design and traditional and contemporary photography, they create albums and photographs that transport the viewer into the scene. Each photo from Gerda, Barbara and Rose is a unique representation of the client, as well as a proud artistic piece with complete albums and polished composition. They meet you because of your wedding, but stay with you for life. From brides to parents, young adults, models and businesses, Artist European Photography works closely with each client to ensure the album is the beautiful and sincere illustration that they envision. Their dedication extends to commercial work as well, where they will work to positively and enthusiastically portray your business or workplace.

Learn more about wedding albums, wall portraits, save-the-date photos, thank you cards, corporate photos, family photos and fine art photography for every event. Contact Artist European Photography today to plan a photo session for your special occasion.



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